A Family of Pride

Kerry is a place with a strong tradition of community. These communities offer much needed love and support to the people involved and those around them. Communities come in all shapes and sizes, but families are often at the heart of them. 

For these reasons, we have chosen ‘A Family of Pride’ as our theme for Kerry Festival of Pride 2020. We want to recognise the importance of the families we made for ourselves as we built up our LGBT+ community. The families who marched alongside us as we fought for equality. The families who continue to support us as we work to ensure that all LGBT+ people, particularly our LGBT+ young people, feel safe, secure and confident not only within themselves, but within their families, schools, communities and professions. 

Across Kerry and the rest of Ireland there are thousands of parents who love and support their LGBT+ children, wanting nothing but the best for them. There are children being raised by LGBT+ parents, who understand the importance of connection and community. 

The overwhelming Yes vote for marriage equality showed Ireland’s LGBT+ community that our relationships and families are a much loved and respected part of the rich tapestry of our country. However, gaps remain in how LGBT+ parents are recognised by the State, which impacts the lived experiences of LGBT+ families. We send love and solidarity to all LGBT+ families, who will always be a vital part of our community.

We ask the parents of young teenagers, their adult children or children with LGBT+ moms and dads to join us on Saturday, June 13th in celebrating the pride at the centre of your family. No matter what form your family takes, what wealth you may or may not have, what gender, sexuality or colour you may be, being secure in one’s family and self—which will nurture family pride—is achieved through building strong supportive relationships and thriving in the community you live.