Kerry Festival of Pride’s Mission Statement

“Provide an opportunity for all to celebrate their Pride for Kerry’s diverse community.”

Aims and objectives

To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit in Kerry, in the following ways:

  • Foster a sense of Pride, solidarity and community for LGBT+ people within themselves, their families, their friends and colleagues by giving everyone in Kerry the opportunity to celebrate our LGBT+ community.
  • Inspire people to embrace their identity as individuals in the wider community.
  • Highlight and celebrate diversity within Kerry and surrounding regions.
  • Raise public awareness of the intolerance and discrimination that our LGBT+ community continues to face.
  • Provide a safe space for people to acknowledge and celebrate their sexuality regardless of their circumstances.
  • Encourage organisations and people in Kerry to organise alternative events and activities that support Kerry’s LGBT+ community during the week of the festival.

Kerry Festival of Pride aims to promote equality, diversity and education to eliminate discrimination against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) community.

Kerry Festival of Pride raises awareness of LGBT+ issues by promoting and staging events, campaigning and offering commentary in the media, and providing support to other LGBT+ charities and voluntary organisations. 

We believe that inclusiveness improves self-esteem and provides a sense of belonging. We believe that LGBT+ visibility, particularly in Kerry and other rural counties, is an important way of showing LGBT+ people, especially young LGBT+ people, that they are not alone.

Our 2020 summer Pride event on June 12th, takes place during LGBT+ Pride month. It provides our main platform for a celebration of the diversity of our LGBT+ community in an entertaining, inclusive, positive and fun manner. 

Kerry Festival Pride is operated by a small team of unpaid volunteers, who are working hard to continue to improve Pride for the benefit of the LGBT+ and wider community. We depend on sponsorship, donations from events, local businesses and supporters as well as the money we raise through our fundraising activities.

We are always keen to improve what we do and to be welcoming to all members of the community. If you have any comments or feedback or would like to get involved in any way, we would love to hear from you.