Support Us

Kerry Festival of Pride would like to thank our sponsors and supporters for the 2020 festival, without their support the festival would not happen

After an absence of five years Kerry Festival of Pride is relaunching in 2020. Kerry is a place with a strong tradition of community. These communities offer much needed love and support to the people involved and those around them. Communities come in all shapes and sizes, but families are often at the heart of them. For these reasons, we have chosen ‘A Family of Pride’ as our theme for Kerry Festival of Pride 2020.

Kerry Festival of Pride will take place from the 12th-14th of June 2020, during LGBT+ Pride month. The parade on Saturday, June 13th provides our main platform for a celebration of the diversity within our local LGBT+ community in an entertaining, inclusive, positive and fun manner. We are planning a variety of events to show our appreciation for the friends, family, supporters and members of the Kerry LGBT+ community and to showcase that we in Kerry, value freedom, love and equality. 

It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the values of your business and will help to promote your business in being at the forefront in expressing communal values. We would appreciate your support and participation in celebrating our unique and vibrant culture and have three Business Sponsorship Packages that we are asking you to consider.

Please email  to express your interest to act as a sponsor for the Kerry Festival of Pride 2020. We look forward to hearing from you!